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Mission Statement

PPVBC is dedicated to providing a place for young men and women of the community to learn the game of volleyball. Our philosophy is to create a nurturing environment in which we will build self-esteem while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and the rewards of hard work. We believe that we are not only preparing your children to make their school team but to believe that they can set and attain goals throughout their lives. Volleyball is the vehicle, their successful future is our goal.

History of PPVBC

PPVBC has had a long tradition of success for 30 years! Charlie Stennett started the Club in the Palisades as a means to stay in touch with the game after his playing days in College and the beach came to a close. Active in the community, he started the club with one boys team and its grown over the years with both boys and girls. Teams have competed for National championships at both JO's and Volleyball Festival but molding young athletes into being better young men or women always taking priority. Winning is not what PPVBC is about, we are more interested in mentoring our athletes and teaching them life long skills through the game of volleyball. If we win, that's always nice too! Our coaches will treat your child with respect, teach problem solving and give guidance when needed. Come along for the ride, Go Pali!


Parent Information

Information/articles for parents to help support their child's athletic endeavors. The good, bad and ugly of being a parent of a athlete.

Delusional Parent Disorder

Our Services

PPVBC will teach the game of volleyball from the ground up. We focus on the fundamentals of the game and specialize in technique as the player advances in skill level. Our coaches have been skilled and trained in the art of Motor Development, Skill Acquisition and the various Learning Modalities. They not only teach the game, but incorporate an element of fitness, nutrition and guidance that is second to none. We believe that if we have your child's well being and development as our primary goal, winning will follow.

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Why Work With Us

Because you want to make sure your most precious possession is in good hands! We are not only coaches, but we are Parents, Educators, Mentors and educated people that have your child's best interest in mind....regardless of their skill!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my son or daughter play Club Volleyball if they are new to the sport?

Absolutely! We give all kids the opportunity to participate in Club Volleyball. We want to put your child in a position to experience success, although sometimes age does have an impact on their starting point.

How do I sign up?

Attend our tryouts! If you have missed our tryouts, please send us a message and we will contact you with information on how to join if we have space.

How many practices per week?

Practices depends on the Coach and his/her schedule. Teams practice a minimum 2x's per week for 1.5-2 hours. If space is available extra practices may be scheduled. Practices begin no earlier than 6:00 pm and will end 9:30-10:00 pm, depending on age group and site. We try to get the younger kids in and out of the gym earlier than the older teams.

What does Club Volleyball cost?

Club Volleyball costs between $2700 and $3700, depending on the team your child plays on. Teams that only practice once a week to start out are charged less versus those that start with 2x's per week. Gym fees vary year to year based upon gym fees and tournament entry fees.

How many kids are on a team?

We try to have at least 9-10 kids on a team with a cap of 13 kids.

How often are tournaments and where are they?

Most teams play a full SCVA Boys and Girls Schedule.Typically once or twice a month. Tournaments are usually in Orange County at American Sports Center, which serves as a hub for the SCVA. Tournament sites are listed in our links section.

Where do we practice?

We practice at Palisades Charter High School and Calvary Christian School, both located in the Palisades. On an occasion we may practice at an alternate site due to gym closures and or scrimmages.

Do all teams participate in a culminating tournament (JO's, Summer Soiree,Volleyball Festival)?

We would like to have ALL of our teams participate in a culminating tournament, local (Orange County) and or out of state. These tournaments usually take place mid-late June and early July. There is an additional fee for this tournament. This tournament is an additional fee that requires a deposit of $600 at the beginning of the year. If the team does not attend the tournament, money is refunded.

Where do my Club fees go?

Club fees include the following: Gym fees, Coaches fee, player registration, Team registration, Coach Registration, Chaperone registration, Tournament registration, equipment, administration, Insurance, Uniforms, practice gear, medical equipment, website, resources, consulting fees and office supplies.

What Division will my child play in?

Please see AGE Definitions to determine what age Division your child will play in